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e-book readers or paper! That is the question? e-book readers or paper! That is the question?

 I have resisted moving from paper to ebooks but my resolve ended this week when a good friend bought me a kindle.  I thanked her profusely and kept my objections to myself. I have been having a problem waking up early and Annie believes I will benefit from having the option of reading through the night without waking my hubby.  So I have downloaded three books and am already well into the second, less than seven days from opening my gift via Amazon. The first two nights, when I awoke at  4am, I simply openied the ereader and was right back where I had left the story when the... [Read More]

A Brief History of Seven Killings wins Man Booker Prize 2015 A Brief History of Seven Killings wins Man Booker Prize 2015

Marlon James book, A Brief History of Seven Killings, has won the Man Booker Prize 2015. A crime novel that moves outside of the world of crime and takes the reader through a recent history most people know very little about. The novel moves at a terrific pace... [Read More]

Man Booker Shortlist Man Booker Shortlist

The Man Booker Prize has been running for 46 years and 2014 will see it accept entrants from anywhere in the world for the £50,000 prize.   This bold move has attracted writers from across the globe and the recent short list announcement sees Joshua... [Read More]

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On Writing On Writing

I was introduced to Stephen King as a teenager in the early 1980's. We were desperate to get hold of a copy of Carrie in our rather repressive convent school. The novel certainly wasn't available in the school library, even main stream philosophy was strictly prohibited because of the potential lack...

Grandpa's Great Escape Grandpa's Great Escape

This is a story about a boy and his Grandpa. Jack's Grandpa is full of daring war stories, tales of aerial adventure, dogfights and danger. Jack starts to notice his Grandpa's increasing forgetfulness that lead him to Twilight Towers, a care home that is not what it appears to be.


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