The Anxiety Cure: Live a Life Free From Panic in Just a Few Weeks Book

The anxiety cure starts with an insight into the the evolutionary reasons for our fear response and what happens to the body by way of physical responses when this happens.It then explains the neurochemical factors which contribute to heightened anxiety states and how we can come to believe we have a serious illness because of the nature of the unpleasant symptoms that arise during prolonged exposure to these chemicals, for example dizziness, palpitations, high blood pressure and sleeplessness to name just a few. The following chapters are dedicated to strategies to manage panic attacks when they occur (interestingly deep breathing exercises are not encouraged) but other techniques which focus on understanding the side of the brain that responds positively or negatively to auditory, visual and kinaesthetic stimulus and how this can be used, alongside the 10 Sentence Method to eliminate panic attacks immediately and reduce occurrences over time.The author is a psychologist who cites several examples of how this work and leads readers to understanding his unique techniques with a website link. It is an easy read although some of the techniques are a little tricky and take practise. However, if you suffer panic attacks on a regular basis the challenge may well be worth the effort.Read More

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    Whether you suffer from panic attacks or general anxiety, Klaus Bernhardt's proven anxiety cure will help you lead a calmer, happier life fast. Using the latest research in neuroscience combined with the most useful elements of therapies such as CBT, hypnotherapy and positive psychology, The Anxiety Cure will introduce you to a powerful approach to stop anxiety in its tracks. Within just a few weeks, using tried and tested mind training and pattern breaker techniques, you will discover the real cause of your anxiety, learn to rewire negative thinking and completely transform your response to anxiety-inducing situations and thoughts. Klaus Bernhardt's methods have already been used by thousands of people to turn their lives around, and now this practical and easy-to-action book is your chance to take control, regain your confidence and live your life.

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    The highly effective guide to finding the calm within yourself Everyone worries, but if worry has taken over your life and has taken the form of anxiety and panic,...

  • 1785041932
  • 9781785041938
  • Klaus Bernhardt
  • 10 May 2018
  • Vermilion
  • Paperback (Book)
  • 208

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