Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Book

Fallout: New Vegas, the follow-up to Fallout 3 â?" the 2008 Game of the Year â?" brings this beloved franchise to a location only Fallout could do justice: Vegas.Read More

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    There's just too much information in this guide to give a full overview. The book is MASSIVE. At 448 pages for just the regular edition (480 for the collector's ed) and OVER 500 000 WORDS it is a sure bet that this is the single most densely packed complete strategy guide for a single game ever produced. That's more words than the first FOUR Harry Potter books combined. This guide has so much information about Fallout: New Vegas that it is going to be used by the publisher's testing department as a reference manual. ; ; Look at the poster map. It shows every exterior and underground location in the entire game. There are 20% more of them than there were in Fallout 3. Plus it marks all points of interest as well as giving visual representations of faction influence over all territories. There is no way to get the entire game world map all at once in-game! This poster is the only time you'll see the entire Mojave Wasteland laid out end to end. ; ; The Tour section is where you'll find fantastically detailed maps of all interiors and exteriors of interest. And every one has rooms and item stashes labelled to guide you to the good stuff. Plus you get a threat level to know whether you can handle the location at your current level. PLUS each location has faction info and tells you if it is part of a Side or Main Quest. ; ; QUESTS: Can you tell what the different faction alliances will get you? How being friends with the Legion and enemies of Mr. House will affect the outcome of your game? Can you figure out on your first playthrough how aligning with the NCR will change the way the Powder Gangers look at you? No you can't! Every Main Quest walkthrough shows the multitude of choices the player can make as well as how those will change the playthrough. ; ; TRAINING: Covering every aspect of character creation from choosing the correct and complementary Attributes Skills and Perks to the necessary armour and outfits for all types of interaction. ; ; FACTIONS AND BESTIARY: A history of every major (and minor) faction from the Slavers of Caesar's Legion to the New California Republic the omnipotent Mr. House who rules the Vegas families to the Super Mutants of Jacobstown. ; ; GUNS & GEAR: The most vital of chapters for statisticians; this lists every available armament in the game from Bumper Swords to Zap Gloves and how effective it is in combat so you can compare every weapon with every other weapon and pick the very best. There are extensive tables for all outfits and ingestible goods too. ; ; MAIN QUEST: The sprawling Main Quest is covered thoroughly beginning with a flow chart of every major action listing every conversation choice that affects the Quest and how to deal with every Faction once you start to ally with a particular benefactor. Your ongoing tasks are called out in easily-digestible chunks so you know what to do and when to do it. ; ; TOUR: A gargantuan exploration of the entire Mojave Wasteland is presented. Over 200 Primary Locations (and almost as many Secondary Locations that don't appear on your Pip-Boy's World Map) are catalogued; with threats quests entities ammo stashes collectibles crafting locations and over 90 Free Quests revealed. ; ; APPENDICES: Fourteen charts allow you to read on the game Endings all the Challenges Achievements every type of Collectible location (including a detailed description so you can easily find anything you need) and even every strange occurrence if you chose the infamous Wild Wasteland Trait!

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    Exclusive maps detailing the New Vegas world! Complete coverage of every main mission adventure as well as all side quests and encounters. Every collectible catalogued and located so you won t miss any. Pull out poster map of the huge New Vegas landscape with points of interest main sights and major landmarks labelled.

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    The ultimate guide to Fallout: New Vegas, featuring a fold-out Mojave Wasteland map and tips on strategy, tactics, upgrades and every detail you need, whatever the...

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    Prima Games, David Hodgson

  • 0307469948
  • 9780307469946
  • Prima Games
  • 22 October 2010
  • Paperback (Book)
  • 448
  • Pap/Map

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