Dead Man's Grip (Ds Roy Grace 7) Book

Like me, fans of Peter James will be enthralled by "Dead Man's Grip" the 7th novel by James to feature the Brighton based Detective Superintendent Roy Grace; and as with previous books it's a sharp, thrilling page turner. The protagonist is, in the words of Peter James, "a decent, kind man "and a "smart detective". This is a man who as well as solving the puzzles of the crime and the criminals involved is struggling to solve his own personal puzzle. But this isn't a one man show, this is no eccentric, bumbling "Columbo" this is a detective who works closely with his team. The novel shows the author's close working connection with the police, his understanding of police procedures, and the mind set of police officers as well as the involvement of and cooperation with emergency services and procedures at road traffic accidents. It's authentic and utterly believable, action packed and laced with suspense. Each chapter is short, sharp and leaves the reader wanting more, to know what happens next. "Dead Man's Grip" is a thoroughly enjoyable read and I can highly recommend it.Read More

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    Sometimes authors can mount an all-guns-blazing, full-frontal assault on the bestseller charts, achieving success by bludgeoning their way to the top, utilising well worn, unchallenging methods that can always be guaranteed upon to achieve crowd-pleasing results. But there is another approach, and it is the one adapted by the talented Peter James. By the straightforward expedient of using carefully crafted, well honed narratives with a strong sense of place and a sure grasp of character, James has slowly but surely worked his way towards an almost unassailable position as one of Britain's best-loved crime writers. That sense of place, of course, is located in Brighton, the increasingly fashionable setting just an hour's train journey from London, and over the course of his novels, James is proving to be as adroit chronicler of that town as Graham Greene in Brighton Rock (although James has yet to write a novel quite as intense as Green's masterpiece -- a fact that he would no doubt admit, as Greene's novel is a particular favourite of Peter James). And the character that James locates here is his tenacious copper Roy Grace (shortly to be incarnated in a long-overdue television series). Dead Man's Grip is a particularly gripping entry in the Grace series, although to say that it is not massively different from other books in the sequence is simply to note that James has shown a remarkable consistency over all the Roy Grace books.

    Here the detective is involved in dark developments after a young woman is traumatised in a fatal traffic accident. The accident has resulted in the death of student – but then the drivers of other vehicles involved are discovered tortured and killed.

    The fact that Peter James has built up considerable storytelling skills over the years is hardly an accident; had he not written a single Roy Grace novel, he would, of course, be remembered for a series of highly professional supernatural outings (recently reissued with covers that rather cheekily suggested the books are like his more recent work). But his most signal achievement is to keep us comprehensively engaged in the increasingly overfamiliar field of the police procedural. Not an easy task, but one that James pulls off with aplomb. --Barry Forshaw

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    I want them to suffer and I want them dead...Carly Chase is traumatised ten days after being in a fatal traffic accident which kills a teenage student from Brighton University. Then she receives news that turns her entire world into a living nightmare. The drivers of the other two vehicles involved have been found tortured and murdered. Now Detective Superintendant Roy Grace of the Sussex Police force issues a stark and urgent warning to Carly: She could be next. The police advise Carly her only option is to go into hiding and change identity. The terrified woman disagrees - she knows these people have ways of hunting you down anywhere. If the police are unable to stop them she has to find a way to do it herself. But already the killer is one step ahead of her watching waiting and ready...

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    Detective Superintendent Roy Grace returns ... I want them to suffer, and I want them dead...Carly Chase is traumatised ten days after being in a fatal traffic accident which kills a teenage student from Brighton University. Then she receives news...

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  • 9780230747258
  • Peter James
  • 3 June 2011
  • Macmillan
  • Hardcover (Book)
  • 544

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