Keep fit, lose weight, go sober; books to keep your resolve!

02 January 2018

 January 2nd 2018 - Have you kept to the New Years resolution you made or are you starting to struggle. Waterstones may have just the right book to help you stick to your plan. Self help books can inspire, support, motivate and improve your determination to achieve your goals. Maybe you said you would stop smoking and today you are feeling it badly and the devil is sitting on your shoulder saying - just have one? Perhaps you think all the overindulgence in alcohol over christmas is affecting how you are feeling about going back to work in the new year and you fancy a dry January but its harder than you think to stop drinking for a whole month; or maybe you have made up your mind that this year you will get fit and lose weight and intend to start the year as you mean to go on. Self help books can support health plans, relationship and sex issues, dieting, exercise, depression and anxiety, financial success. 

So start your New Year as you mean to go on and check out Waterstones collection of New Year, New You books and check out thie New Year Sales. of 2017 books.